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frozen heartbeats

The ongoing series "Frozen Heartbeats" is based on an armed robbery at Evert Bongers' home. He uses International surveillance camera images as a starting point for these works.

The chilly, rigid, and rational movies that are purely meant to capture criminal activities and other unwanted situations are frozen in time and converted into "works of art".

The need to exercise control over reality and to transform "evil" into "good" is a common thread in Evert Bongers' work.

The power of imagination is liberating and comforting.

Evert Bongers himself calls it a quest for compassion.

Inkjet prints, framed, 21x29,7 cm, 2016


"Unmasked" is based on an armed robbery at

Evert Bongers' home.

By experimenting with facial composite sketches of serial killers, he transforms these drawings into photographic abstractions, in which these killers come to life.

The abstracted persons appear to have been screened by a x-ray machine.

The lines used to reconstruct these serial killers resemble DNA strands when magnified.

They are a metaphor for the complexity of body and mind.

These abstractions are both liberating and comforting, the unmasked and reconstructed persons are exposed.

Evert Bongers himself calls it a quest for


C-prints, diasec, 100x100 cm, 2020


This series is based on an armed robbery at Evert Bongers home.

By experimenting with low-resolution images, he transforms "real" weapons in an abstraction of lines, shapes and colors, in which the original source is still felt.

These abstractions are liberating, the dissolved materials recreate themselves.

Evert Bongers himself calls it a quest for compassion.

C-prints, diasec, 20x42,75 cm, 2016



Series "313" is inspired by frame 313 of the famous Zapruder film, which shows the fatal shot that killed John F. Kennedy in Dallas on november 22, 1963.

Evert Bongers transformed this iconic and most investigated image ever, in a series of abstract

works, in which he explored the boundaries of digital photography.

His intuitive, creative process and the surprisingly aesthetic results give him a sense of consolation in the awareness that we are mortal.


C-prints, diasec, 30,4x23,7 cm, 2015




"Hallucinations" gives us a glimpse into the mind of Evert Bongers.

He investigates an unknown and fascinating world in which reason has no role.

Bongers is searching for a pure, magical, sometimes religious imagination of the subconscious.

The works are largely determined by signs and lines arising from the spontaneous outbreak of what is going on in his mind.

The dancing camera only follows the spiritual "orders".

Wandering in the soul is an inexhaustible source for Evert Bongers.

C-prints, diasec, 80x120 cm, 2015



In "Taboo", Evert Bongers used antique bookpages, with its own traces of time and elements as the basis for his inkjet prints.

The prints depict the classic themes: innocence, religion, sexuality, and death.

The confronting images disappear in the poetry of the paper and are being transformed into acceptable memories this way.

The influence of antique paper, with its own past, is consoling and makes us think "outside the circle".


Unique inkjet prints, framed, 40x50 cm, 2015




"Somniorum" is about the loneliness of childhood.

Children seem to be lost in no man's land and disappear in the poetry of the paper.

Memories fade away.

The influence of antique paper, with its own past, is consoling for Evert Bongers.


Unique inkjet prints, framed, 40x50 cm, 2015


mona lisa


Through intuitive experiments with the Mona Lisa, Evert Bongers tries to understand, to conjure and visualize the mystery of it.

All senses and more are on the edge during this experimental journey, but each appearance enhances the mystery.

It seems like she plays with the eagerness and desire of the photographer.

As if she is glad to escape from Da Vinci's straitjacket, as if she wants to dance on the movements of the camera and entrusts herself

to him.

This palpable intimacy is enchanting and the artist's fascination is finally rewarded.                


C-prints, diasec, 77x53 cm, 2012




It's 1935 when German children are celebrating the rise of Adolf Hitler and the National-Socialism in a found war documentary on the internet.

Evert Bongers used the low-resolution images of this part of the film for his "Celebration" series, in which he innocence visibly transforms into guilt, resulting in a dance of death of Hitler with his holocaust victims.


C-prints, dibond, 80x120 cm, 2013




The series "Nightscapes" is a tribute of the artist to the silence and poetry of "les paysages nocturnes".

The softness of the dark, with its deep blue tones, gives ultimate space for imagination.

We do not see what we see, but what we feel.


C-prints, diasec, 66,7x50 cm, 2010


memento mori


With his photoworks in "Memento Mori", Evert Bongers tries to ward off his fear of death and its

incomprehensibility, by literally halting the process of decay and disappearance, while simultaneously evoking the mysterious atmosphere of the transitional area between life and death.

The direct inspiration for the creation of these works was the terminal disease and the inevitable death of his mother.


Unique gelatin silver prints, framed, 40x50 cm, 1992


Frozen Heartbeats

Original, hand signed inkjet prints (9) on acid free van Gogh pastel paper.

Information about the artist and his work is included in the book, as well as a certificate of authenticity.






Evert Bongers


Evert Bongers

curriculum vitae



Evert Bongers (1957 Stein, the Netherlands)

lives in Maastricht.

After completing his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht, he worked several years as a photographer for art institutions and galleries.

He makes, among others, reports of: Marlene Dumas, Bertrand Lavier, Martin Kippenberger, A.R. Penck, William Wegman, Christian Boltanski and Mimmo Paladino.

Bongers develops more and more as an art photographer, wins prizes and begins to exhibit his work nationally and internationally.

Besides that, he works in the eighties and nineties on projects for Stuyvesant in Cuba, Ballantines whisky in Scotland and Philips

Lighting in the Netherlands.

Evert Bongers signs in 2012 a 5 year contract with gallery Photology, resulting in exhibitions, together with: Vic Muniz, Martin Parr, Elisabetta Benassi, Andrea Jemolo, Mario Cresci, Davide Bramante, Matthew Pillsbury, and Yasumasa Morimura.

From 2013, after an armed robbery at his home, a shift took place in his work.

Evert Bongers then primarily focuses on exploring the tension between poetry and suspense, within photography and film.






1976 - 1980 Academy of Fine Arts, Maastricht




Finalist Art Takes Soho

Honorable mention The Family of Man

Finalist Art Takes Paris

Honorable mention The Lucie Awards, New York

Nominee Noortman Art Prize, Maastricht

First prize Los Angeles Art Competition

Merit Award Current Works, Kansas City

Finalist Focus International Event, San Francisco

Finalist Ferguson Award, San Francisco

Finalist New York Art Competition

Honorable mention Zagreb Photo Awards 




2019 - PCNW, Innovation at the Intersection of Science, Technology and Photography, Seattle

2018 - Art Basel Scope Miami, Miami

2018 - Art Takes Soho, New York City

2017 - PCNW 21st juried (Sandra Phillips, curator emeritus, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) exhibition

2016 - Gallery S&H de Buck, Ghent

2015 - Gallery Géraldine Banier, Paris

2014 - Times Square show, New York City

2013 - Art Takes Paris, Paris

2013 - Gallery Photology, Noto

2012 - Gallery Photology, Milan

2011 - OLV basiliek, Maastricht

2010 - Het Stadslab, Sittard

2008 - De Timmerfabriek, Maastricht

2006 - Art Festival, Maastricht

2005 - Los Angeles Art Fair

2004 - Art festival, Maastricht

2000 - SCP, Kansas City

1999 - De Vishal, Haarlem

1998 - Photo Festival, Naarden

1996 - Theatre, Beek

1995 - Center for Photographic Art, Carmel

1993 - AHA gallery, Maastricht

1992 - Art 54 gallery, New York City

1991 - Museum Den Tempel, Sittard

1990 - Travelling exhibition, Europe

1989 - Close-Up gallery, Antwerp

1988 - International Photo Exhibition, Zagreb

1988 - Art Center Oranjerie, Roermond

1987 - Photo Festival, Amsterdam

1986 - AHA gallery, Maastricht

1985 - Art Center Hanenhof, Geleen

1985 - Trajecta Contemporary Art, Maastricht

1984 - Trajecta Contemporary Art, Maastricht

1983 - Library, Maastricht

1982 - Terborg Castle

1981 - Art Academy gallery, Maastricht





Several private collections, Europe, USA

Dream Line, Maasmechelen

Chamber of Commerce, Maastricht

Euro Graphics Center, Beek

Walram College, Sittard

S.B.K. Zeeland

S.B.K. De Nobelaer

S.B.K. Utrecht

P.B.C. Houten





Zagreb Photo Awards

Current Works

Art Photography Belgium


Exit Magazine

Legal Stuff



Best of 2009 Photography Anthology

Financieel Dagblad



Metro Greece




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